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Support Us

Safai Sena needs your support in many ways. Here are some:

  • The most important way is by telling all your friends and family about how important waste pickers are for India. As a teacher, you can teach students, or as a parent, you can tell your children. As a citizen, tell everyone who can. You can learn about our importance here.
  • The second way is to give us things in your house that you will no longer use. We can re-use your old goods and share them, and preventing them from being wasted or lying unused.
  • The third way is to join any system of doorstep waste collection that exists in your colony. Most doorstep collectors were once waste pickers, and they need your waste and co-operation to improve their lives.
  • The forth way is to segregate your waste. At the least, give the waste collector broken blades, glass etc. separately so she or he does not cut her hands and suffer.
  • The fifth way is to help us be healthy. If you are a doctor, we will organize a health camp for you to help us.
  • The sixth way is to work with us and help us learn some skills. We want to learn to read and speak English, make new objects out of waste, learn to speak in public and to the public, and many other things. If you have the time, please phone us and help us.
  • Finally, you can simply donate to our corpus, which we use when the entire core leadership agrees we cannot do without making the expense. We try to keep our expenses to a minimum, and our work is based on our collective volunteering.

You also can donate us through cheque and cash. You will have to make a cheque in the name of “Safai Sena Welfare Foundation” and post it Safai Sena Post Office Number