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Safai Sena Celebrated Earth Day at New Delhi Railway Station

Safai Sena celebrated the 43rd Earth day on April, 22nd, 2013 by educating passengers at the New Delhi Railway station on the importance of the work done by the wastepickers and also the major role passengers can play in keeping their environment clean and hygienic.

The team from Safai Sena along with the wastepickers who work at the New Delhi Railway Station set up pledges and banners at platform 1 and 16 of the station.

As passengers arrived and disembarked they were greeted by the wastepickers who educated them on the work they do to keep the station clean, how their work encourages recycling and how passengers could help in keeping railway platforms and tracks clean. Passengers pledged to crush plastic bottles before discarding them and also to dispose waste only in the dustbins. The enthusiastic interaction between the passengers and the wastepickers brought forward many questions that the people had on how to segregate their waste, how much waste is generated at the station, how crushing bottles would help and the role of wastepickers in recycling. The wastepickers were glad to explain to the people how they could make a difference to the environment and take simple measures to do so.

The wastepickers as well as the team were enthused to be there and being all dressed in the green Safai Sena uniform stood out in the crowd. Both the platforms had a constant stream of visitors, men, women and children,  who were drawn to the pledges and happily signed them, and received the green ribbons which were pinned on to their dress to mark Earth Day

The event was also attended by the Station Master-Mr. Rajeev Shukhla as well as the Station House Officer of the Railway Police Force, Mr.Pratyush Tiwari who were very supportive of the work done by Safai Sena   in working with wastepickers and maintaining clean and green stations. They were also presented with plants as a symbol of Earth Day.

Over all, the event was a huge success and helped generate awareness of the significance of Earth Day and the all important role waste pickers and the Safai Sena team play in maintaining green stations.

Gazipur Landfill Fire

On 31 January 2012, the slums at the Ghazipur landfill caught fire. Over 240 families lost every worldly belonging they owned, save the clothes on their back. Many were children. All these families are wastepicker families, over 350 are the members of Safai Sena. We started collecting things, which they needed at once, from our own homes.

Then we started the collection of money from Safai Sena members to help them out. Safai Sena members from different areas contributed as much they could give. A number of Safai Sena member from different areas were doing the help of affected people in distributing the food, clothes, blankets, and utensils for over one week continuously. Money was collected from other sources and utensils and essentials bought and distributed.

While money cannot replace a home, we are working with other organizations to understand what can be done better to prevent fires.

Safai Sena Annual Meeting

On 4th December, 2011, Safai Sena celebrated its 3rd Annual Meeting at Bhopura Panchsheel Nagar Ground, from 12:00PM to 5:00PM. Members from 18 areas in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana attended the meeting.

The program kicked off with a song by Jai Parkash Chaudhary, better known to many as Santu.

Mr. Vinod Kasana (Counsellor), Mr. Kuldeep Kasana (District General Secretary) and Mr. K.K Tyagi (Medical Health Officer, Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam) were also invited.

“I am very pleased to be among you today and I appreciate your efforts to keep our city and environment clean, Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam will give Door-to-Door collection to Aam Kabadi instead of private contractors.” said Mr. K.K. Tyagi.

Aziz, secretary of Bhopura area, from Safai Sena, area spoke about achievements of Safai Sena in last one year. He discussed how Safai Sena, in partnership with Tetra Pak, collects tetra pack from 6 areas in Delhi and UP. Approximately 1900 waste recyclers’ members are involved in it, augmenting their earnings. He asked other areas to visit the work and start it with their members.

Seven Safai Sena trainees of Safai Sena spoke about their work and learnings in last 9 months. They conducted meetings and workshops, liaison with visitors, gave training to the waste recyclers and acquired training from Chintan as per their respective plans.

Om Prakash, another Safai Sena member from Sarojini Nagar, represented the waste recyclers of India and Safai Sena a conference on Climate Change was held in Johannesburg, South Africa from 4th to 10th Semptember, 2011

“I felt very proud to represent my country and Safai Sena amongst the fellow waste recyclers from around the world; I did my best to highlight the issues and challenges faced by the waste recyclers in India”.

Subeda Biwi & Ayesha, also members of Safai Sena from Ghazipur area attended AIW Consultation on Child Labor in waste picking in Bhopal. They discussed the work in Delhi and explained the situation of child wastepickers in different parts of India.

Rehabilitation plan for the affected waste pickers by Waste to Energy Plant was also discussed in the meeting. Safai Sena members declared that they should be rehabilitated in waste work or they should be given employment by the Government or a third occupation that they could do and which would help them earn equal or more money.

Finally, elections were conducted.

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